Hello, World or Missing the World?

Starting something new is never easy. Blogging is something I had not done before, attempted, but I fell short of time! We all do amazing things in our professional or daily lives that go undocumented; I thought I’d try one more time!

So why am I going public now? Well, for me, every year, February has followed a strange pattern. No, I am not talking about X-Files, but something out there leads to something that has affected me in the past. Perhaps, I need to contact an astrologer! To give you an idea, I was born in February; as far as I can remember a few Februarys led to good things such as career promotions, but bad things happened as well, for example, someone drove into me! February 2018 took it a step too far; I was diagnosed with a life-changing disability. Humour aside, you could use AI to build a pattern around Atif’s February saga! So February is when I am launching XT8086.com. Let’s hope for the best!

Pandemic has been challenging and has thrown the world at the deep end. Moscone centre, San Francisco, VMworld 2019 (my banner image) was my last. I hope the world will be back to normal, till then staying safe is the answer.

To ensure my content is inclusive, i.e. accessible to all; I have tried my best to adhere to level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) – or at least, the best WordPress can offer!

Watch out for my next post, currently in draft.

Thanks for visiting XT8086.com